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The most common questions

What is a land register - in Germany?

Relevant information about a property is collected in the land register. This information can be viewed by the land registry offices. Certain information is offered for publication under certain conditions. This is called a land register extract or a land register copy. An extract from the land register has five parts. "Sensitive" property data are also listed here - in the last 3 sheets. In order to confirm ownership as a buyer, the first sheet of land register is usually sufficient; further information is not required for this.

When and why is the land register excerpt required?

In order to be able to prove the ownership during a property sale, the land register extract is required. The contents of the excerpt from the land register are also of interest to potential buyers, for example in order to be able to inspect land encumbrances.
The bank also usually requires a copy of the land register for a lending check - so that a loan can be granted. Another possible situation for the need for a land register excerpt is the legal and correct real estate purchase - because you have to be able to prove to the buyer and notary that you are the actual owner of the property for sale.

Who is entitled to request an extract from the land register?

Everyone with a legitimate interest is authorized to request an extract from the land register. The decision on the legitimate interest is up to the responsible civil servant. This procedure is intended to prevent inspections of the land register from being released out of general interest.

The owner and co-owner of the property, persons who are in the respective land register and holders of a valid power of attorney from the owner have a legitimate interest - these persons can request an extract from the land register without restriction and are not dependent on the decision-making authority of the clerk.

How long will it take to receive my extract from the land register?

There is no general answer to this question.
As a rule, we assume a delivery time of 3-5 working days from application. However, the times may vary depending on the office.

It also makes a difference whether you want to receive your document as a download or by post. The former can of course be made available immediately and you save the time required for the post. Basically, we are always at your side with advice and action. If there are delays or other problems, we will of course take care of them for you.

How much does the land register extract cost?

Applying for an extract from the land register or a land map costs € 24.90 each. For this service fee, we take care of all communication with the respective office, answer your specific questions about the land register extract and offer you the possibility through our system that you can complete your application completely without mail or official channels.

You don't know which office is responsible for you?

No problem!
Our partner offers a free and direct service to search and find the office which is responsible for your desired location. They have a complete database of all german land register offices. You only need to enter the post code or the name of the location into the searchfield. You'll get the right land register office instant and for free.
Have look: Find the right land register office for you